The MONEY CLIP: Why YOU Need One... February 28 2016, 0 Comments

Money Clips are the new Style Essential.

Once considered a Luxury item for the Elite; the Money Clip is now something every man, woman and child can afford... and USE!

The Money Clip is a sleek supplement to that boxy briefcase, bulky bag or wide wallet you're likely lugging around right now.

It's something that you can easily slip into your pocket while dashing out for a cappuccino, going for a bike ride or walking the dog. (Chances are you're doing all these things at once.)

Carrying a Money Clip is not only convenient - it's exceptionally more stylish than this unsightly, back-breaking, bulls-eye for criminals...  We even recommend keeping it in your FRONT pocket, and since ours are nice and slim - without a bunch of crap glued to them - your pocket will stay nice and smooth.

With a Money Clip you can easily control your spending by taking exactly the amount of cash you want to dish-out and discreetly see what your finances are at a glance.

In this age of digital technology; as long as you have a credit card, some ID and a few bucks you're good to go - and yes - all of those things will fit into your Money Clip.

Wallet Money Clip

Money Clips are a fun way to give the Gift of Cash - and lets face it, that is what everyone REALLY wants - or a Gift Card. 

Octopus Money Clip - Gift of Cash

Heck, these don't even cost that much more than a Gift Card Holder; but the lucky receiver of a Money Clip will be rockin' it out long after these babies are taking up space in the landfill...

If you live in Canada you'll appreciate keeping that slippery new money together and IN your pocket!Tree Money Clip

In conclusion, if you want to be...

  • super-cool
  • efficient
  • always prepared
  • sleek
  • smart
  • thrifty
  • ecological
  • showing off your Love of Nature
  • fashionable and/or
  • giving away a sweet gift...

A Money Clip by THE RAVE 'N' IRON is a Superb Solution!


Raven Money Clip

 “Your back hurts because of your wallet. It’s huge.”

Jerry Seinfeld to George Costanza.