PHOTO BLOG - Reflections, A Rescue & Canoeing is Awesome! October 03 2015, 0 Comments

We recently got ourselves an old Sportspal Canoe and here are some of the pictures from our amazing paddles at Whatshan Lake.


Reflections of clouds on the Lake.Cloud filled sky reflecting on lake.Reflection of trees, mountains and clouds on lake.Mountain reflection on lake water.Sunset reflection.Reflections on the lake of a log with trees growing on it.Sunset at the lake. Reflection.

We rescued this Dragonfly from Drowning.

Dragonfly rescue...

Look at THAT!

Look at THAT!

It dried off for a while on my hat...

Drying off on my hat.

Canoeing is AWESOME!

Exploring the Lake.Cattails in the tall grass.Crazy stump.Landscape lake reflection.Serene lake.

"Studies have shown that paddling a canoe makes you more awesome than the general population." someecards

Until next time...