Changing Seasons... October 03 2013, 1 Comment


My favorite Season.

The air is crisp and the leaves are ripe with color while fluttering about in the breeze... 

Food is abundant - it's Harvest Time! - and there's an underlying anticipation of Winter preparations to tackle, like getting all of that firewood in and rummaging around for your favorite sweater and boots. (Sweaters and Boots!)

I listen for the last sounds of migrating birds and bid them safe journey and look forward to meeting with them again next year.

We make plans for company and fire-lit dinners now that everyone will be around and hunkerin' down.

I feel the Fall is a time of renewal... I know - most people think this would be Spring - but not me.

This is when I have energy.  Maybe it's that Harvest Moon?  I'm pretty lazy in the heat.

So in this time of renewal and freshness I would like to introduce (drum roll, please) our NEW WEBSITE!