• About Us


    Giselle & Tim...                    

    A tribe of two free-spirited Designers that would like to share our Love of Nature with you through our original creations in Metal.

    We pride ourselves in the fact that we are HAND CRAFTING absolutely ONE of a KIND treasures just for YOU!

    We hope that you enjoy our Designer Metal Jewelry and Fashion Accessories as much as we enjoy making them.

    We live in the ever-inspiring wilds of the British Columbia Mountains in a small chalet with our two Doodles, Lily & Ferrous.


    Winter at THE RAVE 'N' IRON

    Lily                                                         Ferrous


    Here is Our Story...

    Giselle and Tim mysteriously transform simple steel into magical mini masterpieces by combining traditional metalworking techniques with a contemporary eye, while looking to mankind's oldest inspirations of Nature and Love...

    Original Heart Pendant

    The story begins when Tim placed a small hammered heart - that he had made from a piece of scrap sheet steel - into the palm of Giselle's hand...

    Giselle wore "The Heart" fashioned to a string around her neck while working the local markets and craft fairs while trying to sell their (40 pound!) scrap metal clocks. People kept noticing and commenting on the askew little heart that adorned her neck.  

    Tim watched as the jewelry vendors sold their trinkets non-stop throughout the day and exclaimed "Hey, let's make JEWELRY out of STEEL!" while Giselle thought to herself (out loud) "Who's going to want STEEL JEWELRY?"


    Fate, luck, chance - and a double dose of Capricorn stubbornness - paved the way for the next 9 years of taking an unconventional jewelry making material and turning it into a viable and ever-evolving line of undeniably distinct, functional metal art.  


    Translation: Many years of backbreaking work, trial and error, a bunch of ugly stuff, opening a fancy-shmancy Art Gallery, torrents of tears, sleepless nights, costly mistakes, closing a fancy-shmancy Art Gallery, countless cross-Canada adventures, (full of cheap motels, gut wrenching road food - one severe case of food poisoning, unfeasible frustrations, airport calamities, ferry fiascos, car catastrophes and more!) lots of laughs, buckets of broken tools, a major move, constant self-criticisms, questions, concerns, confusions, happiness, glory and pride...


    What makes THE RAVE 'N' IRON so special?

    • The gorgeous, natural heat-tempering colors and various patinas that they have learned to achieve.
    • The FREE HAND engraving using hand-held rotary tools; without the aid of any lasers, computers or machinery.
    • The fact that every single piece is done BY HAND, by Giselle and/or Tim.
    • The focus on Canadian Design Themes portrayed in their work.
    • The extensive range of unique Designer Jewelry and Cool Fashion Accessories that they have to offer.
    • THE RAVE 'N' IRON has Gifts for MEN!
    • The vast demographic of buyers and widespread appeal of their work.
    • Quality Findings, a Certificate of Authenticity and a Gift Bag are included.

    Although there are many physical facets that set the work of THE RAVE 'N' IRON apart from other Fashion Jewelry and Accessory Designers the most noteworthy are the symbolic connections, emotional relationships or sentimental memories their pieces evoke.