THE RAVE 'N' IRON Wearable Art Jewellery & Fashion Accessories are Handcrafted with the utmost of care and - like any artistic Masterpiece - some consideration is required to keep them at their best...



    Jewellery should be the last thing that you put on and the first thing that you take off.

    Handle your jewellery by the findings.

    Keep your pieces away from water, perspiration, perfume, cosmetics, lotions, moisturizers, grease and oils, hairspray, cleaning products, chemicals, chlorine, salt water, toothpaste, commercial jewellery cleaners, dips and polishing cloths or compounds. 

    Don't sleep with your jewellery on, store it in your bathroom, leave it at the bottom of your handbag or keep it in your pocket.

    Gently clean your jewellery after each wearing with a clean, soft cloth (like the kind used to clean glasses) to remove the oils from your skin and any debris you may have encountered during the day.


    Money Clips & Card Cases

    To keep the artistic image on your new Money Clip or Card Case looking fresh try not to keep it in that pocket with the sand, keys, knives, random screws, brass knuckles, etc...

    Keep your Card Case in your front pocket, jacket pocket or purse - but not in your back pocket. DON'T SIT ON IT!

    Open and close your Card Case gently while keeping the lid aligned and the hinge straight.